Important Shipping Updates for June 2022

The last orders for the Lettered Edition of Heart-Shaped Box are packed and will be picked up by UPS today:

Right now we’re preparing the shipments for the new chapbook, “What’s In a Name?” by Bev Vincent, which is going out to almost all of my Patreon supporters. If all goes well, these will be in the mail this upcoming weekend.

Finally, we’re still waiting on the arrival of the slipcases for The King of Shadows by Robert McCammon — the freight company is apparently taking the slowest route possible — but we’re expecting to see them this week.

We’re currently sorting through the book numbering situation for this title, which is extremely complicated because we have Lividian regulars who want their number and we also have McCammon collectors who own the same number for the other books in this series to date (from other publishers) and we’re trying really hard to get them “their” number to keep their set matched… but that is requiring some wheeling and dealing and book trading, etc. We’re trying, though!

Please keep in mind that these books need to be inspected, numbered, slipcased, and shrink-wrapped before being packed, and we are just a 1.5 person shop, so this process will take a little bit of time. Thank you!

More news soon! Thank you again for your continuing support and enthusiasm!



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