Robert McCammon Shipping Update For July 8, 2022

We’re about to start packing orders for the Limited Edition of The King of Shadows, and there are a few important things I wanted to share:

* Because we need to print all of the orders to record the final book number assignments, you should receive a “shipping confirmation” email tonight if you ordered directly from Lividian and paid for your order. This email doesn’t mean your order has actually shipped yet, but that tracking information is the real shipping information for when it does ship. IF YOU SEE ANY PROBLEMS WITH YOUR ADDRESS, please email me at ASAP and let me know what needs corrected.

* It will take approximately a week to ship all of these orders. If you have any concerns, either now or when your order ships or when you receive your order, please email me at so I can help you out.

* We weren’t able to fulfill all of the number requests, unfortunately, because of the complications unique to this project. The series has been with several publishers on both sides of the pond and certain numbers are locked in for long-time Lividian customers, etc, but we tried our best to keep sets together whenever we could.

Thank you for your support and patience as we ship this massive new special edition!

More news soon! Thank you again for your continuing support and enthusiasm!



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