The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Two Volume Special Edition Slipcased Set (Amaranthine Books)

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PUBLISHER: Amaranthine Books
EDITION: TWO Volume Limited Edition Slipcased Set
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About this Special Edition:
This set unites two editions of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the ultimate reading experience.

The Jekyll Edition is inspired by the kind character of Dr. Jekyll. Pure, clean, strapped in white covers with silver page edges, it represents the essence of a good man.

On the other hand, The Hyde Edition is inspired by the twisted character of Mr. Hyde. Black paper strapped in black covers, it represents the essence of a troubled man.

Once you get the books out of the handmade slipcases, we recommend you search for the first of the three easter eggs. Upon opening the books you’ll be met with beautiful UV coating on endpapers which hide the second easter egg.

Each edition has its own special features. If you look to the side of the Jekyll Edition, you’ll be met with silver page edges. When you open the Hyde Edition, you’ll be met with the opposite of your usual book – white print on black paper.

Upon reading you’ll notice that every chapter begins with a small chapter illustration that serves as a symbol of that chapter’s theme.

Furthermore, throughout the book there are grand total of 12 illustrations spanning over six important events of the book. Inspired by the main character(s), each illustration is double-sided, giving two opposite perspectives of the same event.

Finally, one of the illustration hides the last easter egg – the painting of the writer of this wonderful book, Robert Louis Stevenson.

Both of these books are the same content-wise, they differ only in mood set by the character they were inspired by, providing a unique reading experience depending on which is chosen first or if they are used interchangeably.

About the Production:
Only the finest quality materials and superior production techniques have been chosen in production of these books. Also, many elements, such as the box, had to be handcrafted to guarantee top quality production. To ensure the best reading experience we used beautiful and versatile Brioni typeface.

It is important to note that since the book covers are made of Skin paper they develop a sort of patina over time that gives it character, similar to how leather behaves with time and use. This edition is coated with a protection layer which means you can use a damp cloth to clean the covers and the box without fear of damaging the book.

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