One Last Other Publishers Sampler Pack!

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One Last Other Publishers Sampler Pack! (For Real This Time!)
Save up to 65% off the retail price!

Okay, I had thought the previous Other Pub Sampler Pack was going to be the final one, and then I found an entire carton of books I hadn’t opened. So, now I’m putting together “One Last Other Publishers Sampler Pack (For Real!)” to keep clearing space for everything that will be coming in this spring, summer. and fall. (We have A LOT in the works and very little working room at any given time!)

This new Other Publishers Sampler Pack is meant to help the beginning collector or someone who just wants a great deal:

1) This bundle features FOUR different special editions from other publishers. The estimated combined retail value of these books is $325 to $425

2) This sampler pack does use books that have been used in previous sampler packs. If you bought one of those, you could get something you already received. At least one book has never been used in a Sampler Pack OR sold on the Lividian site, though.

3) There will be two or three different publishers represented in each bundle, and most of these books are signed editions of some kind — Signed Artist Edition, Signed Limited Edition, etc. One of the books is a Numbered Limited Edition that was issued unsigned by the publisher. (So don’t panic when you see that sig sheet has no signature!)

This bundle is a great way to expand your collection, and I’m offering these sampler packs for just $149 plus shipping, which is a huge savings off the combined retail value of the books included. These will be ready to ship next week!

Some of these books might have been issued with bookmarks or other bonus items when they were preorders, and I will include those items if we have them, but we may not have them for every book.

If you order more than one Sampler Pack, you will get duplicates because I’m down to my last items for this one.