The Chill Lettered Edition Shipping Next Week!

Lividian Publications is pleased to announce our Deluxe Signed & Traycased Lettered Edition of The Chill by Scott Carson will be shipping next week!

This absolutely massive deluxe special edition was produced by the same boutique printer and hand-binder who produce our Stephen King and Joe Hill Lettered Editions. The books were printed separately from the Limited Edition using a four-color specialty press and an upgraded acid-free paper with a textured finish. Those book blocks then went to our hand-binder, who completed each copy one at a time, and then constructed matching clamshell cases to house and protect them.

All of the interior artwork is printed in full-color as part of the book block (see the sample photos below or on the product page!), which is just one of the many upgrades from how we published The Night Country Lettered Edition.

You can read all about why we’re trying these upgrades on this FAQ, but the short version is, we want to push the boundaries of what is possible for a beautiful special edition while keeping the retail price under control, relatively speaking. (Also, if you’re curious about how we assign letters from book to book, please read this other FAQ.)

This Lettered Edition will also be shipping before the Limited Edition, making it the true first of the special editions.


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