The King of Shadows by Robert McCammon: Trade Hardcover Coming in December 2022!

Since this got overshadowed a bit by the Limited Edition of The King of Shadows selling out in seven hours, I thought I’d post a separate note about the Trade Hardcover of The King of Shadows, which Lividian Publications will be publishing in December. This is not a reprint of the Limited Edition. It will have a different dust jacket with different artwork, and be produced with a different binding and altered page design, etc.
It’s January of 1704, and Matthew Corbett continues his mission to Italy, accompanied by Hudson Greathouse and former enemy Professor Fell. They seek Brazio Valeriani and information about the mirror created by his father, the sorcerer Ciro. Legend claims the mirror can be used to summon demons from beyond.

But fate has other plans for Matthew as their ship is disabled by a pod of whales, and they seek refuge on a secluded island. The islanders welcome them with a massive feast, but all is not what it seems. As the island pulls them deeper into its influence, the castaways struggle to maintain their grip on reality, even their very identity. Matthew must keep his wits about him and solve the mystery enshrouding the other side of the island, where an active volcano looms and a secretive creature lurks.

The King of Shadows is the eighth installment in bestselling author Robert McCammon’s acclaimed series of historical thrillers featuring Matthew Corbett, a brave “problem-solver” who now faces a challenging foe that threatens to take over his most valuable resource: his own mind.

Reserve your copy today with no prepayment required!

Don’t Forget: Five Matthew Corbett Novels to be Published in Trade Paperback for the First Time Anywhere in the World!

Lividian Publications will also be publishing five previous titles in the Matthew Corbett series as trade paperbacks, the first time they’ve appeared in this format anywhere in the world. Starting with Mister Slaughter in July and finishing with Cardinal Black in November, these will be published at the perfect time to get readers fully up to speed before the trade hardcover publication of The King of Shadows in December.

For collectors who want first printings (and fans who want to read them as soon as possible), we’re offering a bundle of all five books, to be shipped together this summer, that are guaranteed to be from the First Printing offset run and will be marked as such on their copyright pages. These five books will ship together, and four of them will be shipping before their official publication dates.

In addition, Robert McCammon has generously agreed to sign signature sheets for one of the books in the bundle!

Please place your order via the bundle product page if you’re interested. Supplies are limited and that page will be changed to “Out of Print” when all available sets are reserved. Copies ordered individually through this site or big online retailers like Amazon, etc, will not be signed and might be print on demand copies.

Here is the complete publication schedule for easy reference:

The King of Shadows (Limited Edition) — June 2022 (depending on slipcase production)
Mister Slaughter (trade paperback) — July 19, 2022
The Providence Rider (trade paperback) — August 23, 2022
The River of Souls (trade paperback) — September 20, 2022
Freedom of the Mask (trade paperback) — October 18, 2022
Cardinal Black (trade paperback) — November 15, 2022
The King of Shadows (trade hardcover) — December 6, 2022

Stay tuned for more news and updates. Thank you again for your continuing support and enthusiasm!



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