How Does Your Preorder Without Prepayment Process Work?

When you preorder directly through and the publication date is more than 90 days away, there is no prepayment required. You can simply place a preorder through the website and we will contact you VIA EMAIL for your payment information later. Please be sure to use a valid email address for your order!

Please Note: We will attempt to email you up to three times for payment, but you are responsible for paying for your preorder in a timely manner. Your preorder only holds your copy up until the publication date, and we cannot be responsible for lost emails or collectors who forget to pay for their order. All unclaimed preorders will be cancelled after publication at our discretion.

When the order is ready to be processed and paid for, you will receive an email with this subject line:

Your Lividian Publications Preorder Is Ready For Payment!

The beginning of the email will look something like this:

This email will include a personalized payment link (see the red arrow above), which you can click on to be taken to the website and pay for your preorder to complete your order. The sooner you complete your order, the higher you should be in the shipping queue.

Unfortunately, we cannot send this invoice early to anyone without sending it early to everyone, so you’ll have to watch for the email. We will also post a note on our News page when this email is been sent.

IMPORTANT: If you’ve moved since you placed your preorder, even if you changed your address on the website, please email Brian at and let him know your NEW address, so he can confirm that address is what ends up in the shipping software. Thank you!


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