Lividian Publications Lettered Edition Collectors Information

Starting with The Night Country by Stewart O’Nan, I decided to offer our Lettered Edition collectors the opportunity to decide if they wanted to collect ALL of our Lettered Editions or just the Joe Hill Lettered Editions.

The reason for this is because I’m looking at the Joe Hill books as a “set” or “series,” so I’d like those collectors to be able to keep their set intact without feeling forced to buy other books just for the sake of maintaining their letter.

When it comes time to announce the next “non-Joe Hill” Lettered Edition after The Night Country, the 52 collectors who bought The Night Country will be offered first shot at that book.

But for the next Joe Hill book, the collectors who bought 20th Century Ghosts will be given the opportunity to keep their Joe Hill set together. If a Joe Hill collector passes on his or her letter for the next Joe Hill book, that letter will then be offered to whoever purchased that letter for the previous non-Hill title and they can continue with that letter for as long as they would like including future Joe Hill books.

This is a little more complicated than I originally wanted, but it seems like the best way to handle things at the moment. If a better scenario for handling these editions presents itself in the future, we will look into that.

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