Unpaid Robert McCammon Orders to be Cancelled This Week!

There are a lot of people with duplicate preorders and unpaid pending preorders for the signed trade hardcover of The King of Shadows by Robert McCammon, which we’ll be starting to ship next week. (Because we don’t require payment for preorders, sometimes people forget and place multiple preorders or also place an order with one of our retailers.)

Instead of trying to resend everyone their links manually, and causing lots of confusion for the people who already paid for the order they wanted, I’m just going to direct customers to please just place a NEW order via the website if have NOT already paid and you’d like to secure a copy before they are all gone. (Again, if you’ve paid for your order through our website in the last week, you’re already good to go.)

I will be cancelling all of the unpaid pending preorders this week to get them out of the system.

Lots more news soon! Thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm!


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