Lividian Publications Production Updates

Updated July 29, 2022

* The King of Shadows Limited Edition:
We have shipped all direct customer and retailer orders for this title.

* The King of Shadows Lettered Edition:
The books are finished and we’re hoping to have the cases in September. This edition is being designed to match the previous volumes in the series to try to keep the set as uniform as possible.

Collectors who purchased The Last House on Needless Street Lettered Edition directly from us will be the first notified when we’re ready to sell The King of Shadows Lettered Edition, but they will have the option of skipping this title without losing their Letter for the next “regular” book we publish.

If you are not already a Lividian Lettered Edition customer, please be sure to fill out the Google form we have for those who own previous Lettered Editions in this series who would like to be notified if copies are available. As with the numbered edition, we will do our very best to help keep full sets going.

* UNANNOUNCED signed Limited Edition:
At the end of January, we started a new book at the printer, and due to supply chain issues, they weren’t able to deliver a dummy book until July, so the slipcases won’t be ready until late in the fall. Our goal is to publish this book before the end of the year. We don’t want to say too much more, but this book is by an author Brian has worked with many times over the years… but Lividian has not published yet.

Here is the complete Robert McCammon publication schedule for easy reference:

The King of Shadows (Limited Edition) — shipping now!
The Matthew Corbett 5 book bundle — shipping soon!
Mister Slaughter (trade paperback) — July 19, 2022
The Providence Rider (trade paperback) — August 23, 2022
The River of Souls (trade paperback) — September 20, 2022
Freedom of the Mask (trade paperback) — October 18, 2022
Cardinal Black (trade paperback) — November 15, 2022
The King of Shadows (trade hardcover) — December 6, 2022