Lividian Publications Production Updates

Updated May 11, 2022

Heart-Shaped Box Limited Edition:
See this production update for important information because all paid orders have shipped.

Heart-Shaped Box Lettered Edition:
This edition will be ready to ship in June and I have contacted the 20th Century Ghosts Lettered Edition customers about securing their copy. As of right now, the informal waiting list for this edition already has more collectors than can realistically expect to have a chance to get a copy.

* The King of Shadows Limited Edition:
Below is a photo of the approval slipcase. There is no stamping yet and the material isn’t the exact same as the real cases will have, but the main purpose of this case is to make sure it fits the dummy book perfectly… which hopefully means the real slipcases will fit the real books nicely! Inside the approval slipcase is the dummy book, with a DJ proof wrapped around it to test the placement of the window:

* UNANNOUNCED signed Limited Edition:
At the end of January, we started a new book at the printer, but since they are estimating a September delivery date, we won’t have a lot to share until this summer. We can say this book is by an author Lividian has never published yet.

Here is the complete Robert McCammon publication schedule for easy reference:

The King of Shadows (Limited Edition) — June 2022 (depending on slipcase production)
Mister Slaughter (trade paperback) — July 19, 2022
The Providence Rider (trade paperback) — August 23, 2022
The River of Souls (trade paperback) — September 20, 2022
Freedom of the Mask (trade paperback) — October 18, 2022
Cardinal Black (trade paperback) — November 15, 2022
The King of Shadows (trade hardcover) — December 6, 2022