Lividian Publications Production Updates

Updated November 29, 2022

* The King of Shadows by Robert McCammon (trade hardcover)
All paid preorders for this title have shipped.

* The Store by Bentley Little signed Limited Edition:
Announced and sold out a few weeks ago, this one will begin shipping in the first half of December.

* The Store by Bentley Little Deluxe Lettered Edition:
This one will be completed in March or April of 2023, and will be offered around that time to those who purchased the Lettered Edition of The Last House on Needless Street.

* 2023 Publication Plans:
One new project will be headed to the printer in December and it’s by one of our favorite authors.

Another new project will be sent in January, and it’s by an author we’ve never worked with once, either here or at Cemetery Dance.

Finally, a third new project will be sent to the printer in February and it’s by an author whose “first novel” we published as a signed Limited Edition.

More details will be shared once these are closer to publication in 2023 since the printer schedule is still fairly erratic.

Here is the complete Robert McCammon publication schedule for easy reference:

The King of Shadows (Limited Edition) — published
The Matthew Corbett 5 book bundle — published
Mister Slaughter (trade paperback) — published
The Providence Rider (trade paperback) — published
The River of Souls (trade paperback) — published
Freedom of the Mask (trade paperback) — published
Cardinal Black (trade paperback) — published
The King of Shadows (trade hardcover) — December 6, 2022