Burying Little Annie (chapbook)

“Burying Little Annie” is a perfect-bound chapbook published exclusively for Brian James Freeman’s supporters on Patreon in September 2023. Featuring a full-color cover and a full-color inside cover illustration by François Vaillancourt, plus tinted interior illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne, this is the fifth of our chapbooks to be printed entirely in full-color, inside and out.

About the Chapbook:
Little Annie is dead, and as the man explained to his wife, it’s important their son know that we have an obligation to the things we love, even after they’re dead. Maybe especially once they are dead. Now the man and the boy are approaching the forest behind their house. The man is carrying a large plastic storage tub, and the muscles in his arms are already twitching. The dead put on weight, he once read, and he believes it…

Publication Format:
Each chapbook Brian publishes for his Patreon supporters is “housed” in a custom-printed envelope with a fine linen finish and the Lividian Publications logo printed on it in silver metallic ink. This chapbook was the eight to be perfect bound, the fifth to be printed entirely in full-color, and the third to feature the new style of envelope with the artwork printed directly on it. The inside-cover features full-color artwork. This chapbook was also signed by Brian James Freeman, Glenn Chadbourne, and François Vaillancourt. Limited to a print run of 500 hand-numbered copies.