Custom Slipcase for the Special Edition of FAIRY TALE by Stephen King!

This product is not official or licensed by Simon & Schuster. This is an aftermarket slipcase produced by Lividian Publications, and it is a preorder that should ship in the spring of 2023. Reserve your copy today, and we will contact you via email for payment closer to the ship date. Please read the Preorder FAQ if you’re new to Lividian Publications and have questions about the process.

Retail Price: $49.95

Fairy Tale by Stephen King was recently published as a new special edition hardcover by Simon & Schuster, and Lividian Publications is pleased to announce we’ll be producing an unofficial aftermarket custom slipcase to protect the book’s cloth binding and enhance its overall beauty. PLEASE NOTE: This product is not official or licensed by Simon & Schuster.

Our slipcase will include one of our signature die cut windows to show off the book’s stunning cover artwork. The iridescent covering material has a soft-touch matte finish, and we’ll be using both hot foil stamping and a special silk screening technique on the front, the back, and the spine. (Design to be finalized and posted soon.)

Because our slipcase maker is extremely busy and dealing with supply chain problems, we’re not expecting these to be ready until the spring, but we also won’t be taking payments for orders until they’re much closer to shipping. That said, we really need everyone who is interested to place their preorder ASAP so our case maker can get the materials ordered.

Please Note:
This product is not official or licensed by Simon & Schuster. This aftermarket slipcase does not include a copy of the book and will not be guaranteed to fit other editions, but we’re pretty sure we can size the slipcase so it comfortably holds either the Special Edition OR the US-printed 1st Edition of the Simon & Schuster trade hardcover. The Italy-printed 1st Edition of the Simon & Schuster trade hardcover is a slightly different size, but if we can thread the needle so all three fit without any of them being too tight or too loose, we will do that. We will confirm if the slipcase fits either or both of the trade hardcover editions BEFORE we request payments next spring when these will be ready to ship. If the case will not fit the edition you want it for, you’re under no obligation to complete your order.

Other questions:
Please email Brian if you have any questions about this product or the ordering process. Thank you!