What’s In a Name? by Bev Vincent (chapbook)

“What’s In a Name” by Bev Vincent is a perfect-bound chapbook published exclusively for Brian James Freeman’s supporters on Patreon in July 2022. Featuring a full-color cover and FOURTEEN (!) full-color interior illustrations by François Vaillancourt, this is only the second of our chapbooks to be printed entirely in full-color, inside and out.

About the Chapbook:
Book and story titles are interesting. Mere mention of a title can bring back a flood of memories about the associated work if they’re done properly.

In an interview with Hans-Åke Lilja, Stephen King said that coming up with titles was generally pretty easy because “titles always kinda suggest themselves after a while.” Deciding on the title for a work is usually the purview of the author. Certainly, an author would never send out a story or a book to a publisher without having a title attached. However, the author isn’t always the final arbiter in naming a work. The publisher might have something different in mind, using feedback from the marketing or sales staff. Sometimes circumstances prevail. Someone close to the author might dislike the chosen title. And, on occasion, the author himself changes his mind.

Several of Stephen King’s books went out into the world with different titles than the ones he originally came up with. Readers may be familiar with some of these, but others might come as a surprise!

About the Artwork:
To make this chapbook really special, François Vaillancourt has contributed a full-color cover and fourteen full-color interiors depicting what these Stephen King books might have looked like if King had used their original titles. He even kept some of the design details era specific in terms of what book covers looked like at the time the book would have been published.

Bonus Item:
We took all of the “alternate universe” Stephen King covers that François dreamed up for this chapbook and we turned them into a collectible set of postcards, which were included with the chapbook shipments. ALL fourteen covers!

Publication History:
Published as a chapbook for Brian James Freeman’s Patreon supporters in July 2022.

Publication Format:
Each chapbook Brian publishes for his Patreon supporters is “housed” in a custom-printed envelope with a fine linen finish and the Lividian Publications logo printed on it in silver metallic ink. This chapbook was the fifth to be perfect bound and the second to be printed entirely in full-color. The inside-cover features full-color artwork. This chapbook was also signed by Bev Vincent and François Vaillancourt, and hand-numbered. Limited to a print run of 400 copies.