20th Century Ghosts Limited Edition Special Bonus Update!

As noted in the previous updates, the Limited Edition of 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill is on schedule to be completed this week, so preorders should begin shipping next week if all goes well.

What I haven’t mentioned before is a special addition to this project that we snuck into production over the summer. The original plan had been for Vincent Sammy to sign the signature sheets for the Limited Edition, but when it came time to send him the sheets, they got trapped in South Africa’s postal system, which was only transporting medical supplies and related essentials at the time. We were forced to reprint new signature sheets for Joe Hill and Christopher Golden, and they raced to get those sheets signed before the printer went to press.

But it really bugged me that we weren’t able to deliver on Vincent Sammy’s signature for the edition, so when the mail situation improved, I spoke with Vincent and he graciously and generously agreed to make time in his schedule to sign 1,750 art prints for those who ordered the Limited Edition. My local printer, who printed the Revival artwork for that Artwork Portfolio, tackled printing the sheets and then we rushed them to Vincent via a courier.

The signed art prints arrived back safe and sound, and the slipcase maker is now putting one “loose” art print in the front of each book before the slipcasing and shrink-wrapping process. (“Loose” meaning these prints are not tipped into the book like the frontis and other artwork, so you can decide what you want to do with the artwork. You could leave it at the front of the book, you could display it separately, etc. Whatever works for you.)

Every copy of the Limited Edition includes this print, regardless of whether you ordered directly from me or via a retailer. Here is a photo our slipcase maker sent us, and you can see the art prints by the red arrow:

More news to come! Thank you, as always, for your continuing support!



2 thoughts on “20th Century Ghosts Limited Edition Special Bonus Update!

  1. What a great idea for Lividian Press collectors!

  2. Wow Brian you continue to surprise and impress with both the quality of your books and your care and generosity for your customers! The art print looks fantastic! Can’t wait to get this one 🙂

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