April 2022 Updates for Lividian Publications

Before we get to this month’s Lividian news, I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about my Patreon, which I launched in 2017 to support my writing and which now has some Lividian related sneak previews and rewards, etc.

Simply put, Lividian wouldn’t exist without the readers who supported my Patreon early on (the original purpose of the press was to publish the exclusive “privately printed” chapbooks and Limited Editions for Patreon supporters), so I’m always grateful for the interest people have in what I’m doing there.

Here is a new public post about what I’m working on right now and here is a recently posted FAQ I created for curious onlookers. Please feel free to email me at brian@lividian.com if you have any questions!

Now, onto the real news!

* Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (Limited Edition)
All copies that have been paid for shipped as of the week of April 11. If you did not receive a shipping confirmation and you paid for your order, please email me at brian@lividian.com so I can look into your order for you. I will begin cancelling orders that aren’t paid for by the end of the month unless other arrangements have been made. If you cannot pay by then but still want your order, PLEASE just email me at brian@lividian.com so I know. I’m super flexible about these things.

* Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (Lettered Edition)
The page edge gilding has been completed and the hand-binder is hard at work on this title. I’m really hoping this edition will be ready to ship in June. I will be contacting the 20th Century Ghosts Lettered Edition customers in the next week or so about securing their copy. As of right now, the informal waiting list for this edition already has more collectors than can realistically expect to have a chance to get a copy.

* The King of Shadows by Robert McCammon (Limited Edition)
As we mentioned last time, this Limited Edition has been at the printer since last September, and we’re aiming for a late June publication date, but everything is moving slower than we’d like right now due to supply chain problems and the printers being overwhelmed with work.

Below is a photo of the approval slipcase. There is no stamping yet and the material isn’t the exact same as the real cases will have, but the main purpose of this case is to make sure it fits the dummy book perfectly… which hopefully means the real slipcases will fit the real books nicely!

Inside the approval slipcase is the dummy book, with a DJ proof wrapped around it to test the placement of the window:

Please see the Matching Numbers/Letters FAQ for questions about how we will be handling number/letter requests for The King of Shadows. If you own the Cemetery Dance Publications Limited Edition of Cardinal Black and still need to submit a number request for The King of Shadows, or if you’re interested in being notified about the Lettered Edition of The King of Shadows, please email me at brian@lividian.com for more information.

Thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm!



2 thoughts on “April 2022 Updates for Lividian Publications

  1. Brian, I couldn’t be happier with my copy of Heart-Shaped Box. To say that it is stunning would be an understatement! Thank you!

  2. Love my Heart Shaped Box and can’t wait to get my King of Shadows (that will bring my LP collection to 4 plus 2 Chapbooks). Fantastic work Brian your work is totally awesome.

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