December 2021 Updates for Lividian Publications

If you’re on Facebook, there’s an unofficial Fans of Lividian Publications group that has a lot of familiar faces if you’re into the book collecting groups on that particular social media site. I’m thinking maybe I’ll offer up some review copies to the group admin for prize giveaways if enough people are interested!

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy (and book filled) holiday season! Lots of updates this month, so we’ll get right to the news:

* The Limited Edition of Heart-Shaped Box has moved from the printing plant to the bindery, and is due to be completed in February. The slipcases are moving along nicely at the slipcase maker, and they now have all the materials they need. The slipcases are tentatively due to be completed sometime in March, which would mean an April ship date, but I’ll let you know if this changes.

* The Chill books are nearly completed, but the slipcases are still approximately ten weeks out. Here are a few quick preview photos of the first finished book:

* There is an UNANNOUNCED signed Limited Edition at just about the same stage of production as The Chill. Because these books were supposed to be nicely spaced out last year but have instead ended up bunched together (thank you supply chain problems!), I haven’t officially announced this book yet but I will in January. Based on all the acclaim the recently published trade edition has generated, I think we might have another fast seller on our hands. (Stephen King’s blurb is pretty nifty, too!)

* An exclusive signed Limited Edition chapbook written by a New York Times bestselling “guest author” will be shipping to my Patreon supporters in January, and I really cannot wait for people to open their mail and discover what we’ve put together. To make this surprise even more special, I’ve commissioned multiple pieces of color artwork by one of my favorite artists, and I’ll be printing the entire chapbook in color, which I’ve never done before.

* Finally, the batch of slightly resized slipcases for the US hardcover editions of Later by Stephen King is on track to be done the last week of December or the first week of January, so I’ll be shipping those to everyone who needs one as soon as I can after they’re done. If you had a preorder and were waiting to pay until these were completed, I’ll send you an email about how to finish your transaction when the time comes. And if you missed out on preordering a slipcase, definitely jump on the Waiting List on the product page if you’re interested because there will be extras.

More news soon! Thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm!



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  1. Very exciting stuff, I cannot wait for new updates.

    Thank you for the great job.

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