February 2022 Updates for Lividian Publications

I’ve updated the Matching Numbers/Letters FAQ to discuss The King of Shadows by Robert McCammon. If you own Cardinal Black and still need to submit a request for a number for The King of Shadows, or if you’re interested in the Lettered Edition, please email me at brian@lividian.com.

* The Chill by Scott Carson (Limited Edition)
There are photos on this post and the “Your Preorder is Ready for Payment” emails have been sent to everyone who placed a preorder the Limited Edition of The Chill by Scott Carson. If you preordered and didn’t receive the email, your ISP probably zapped it because the payment URL can trigger spam filters. Just email me at brian@lividian.com for help.

If you have moved since you placed your preorder, please email me at brian@lividian.com with your updated address so I can confirm that is what is on the finished order.

It’ll still be at least another week or two until we actually start shipping orders because we need to process the paid orders, print the orders, receive the slipcases, inspect the slipcases, number the books, slipcase the books, shrink-wrap the slipcased books, match specific numbers with number requests, and start packing. You’ll receive a shipping confirmation when we print your paperwork, but that’s early in the process, so it’ll be a while after that before the tracking goes live.

* The Chill by Scott Carson (Lettered Edition)
The deluxe Lettered Edition of The Chill by Scott Carson will be shipping today and tomorrow, and here’s a photo of the snazzy shipping cartons they’re traveling in:

* The King of Shadows by Robert McCammon (Limited Edition)
I’m thrilled to report that the signed, numbered, and slipcased Limited Edition of The King of Shadows by Robert McCammon SOLD OUT from our store and most of our retailers within seven hours of the announcement. This one has been at the printer since last September, and I thought you might like to see a photo of the dummy book. A dummy book is a hand-made version of the book produced by the printer ahead of time, so the slipcase maker can get their sizing just right. It’s blank inside and has no stamping, but it still looks pretty cool:

* Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (Limited Edition)
This project is in really good shape now. The slipcases are tentatively due to be completed in late March, which means we should be shipping in April. I’ll post an update as soon as I know more.

PLEASE NOTE: For those of you wondering when the payment emails might be sent for the Limited Edition of Heart-Shaped Box, mid to late-March is what I’m anticipating right now. Given the number of orders, it’ll take some time to process all of them. I will post a notice here on the website and on social media when they are sent!

* Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (Lettered Edition)
The last of the materials for this Lettered Edition finally reached our binder. I will be contacting the 20th Century Ghosts Lettered Edition customers about matching their letter in April, and I’m hoping this edition will be ready to ship in June.

* Unannounced Limited Edition
As mentioned last month, there is an unannounced signed Limited Edition that is deep in production, which I’m hoping to ship in April if Heart-Shaped Box moves up to March. These books weren’t supposed to be shipping so close together, but the supply chain problems and the long delays with the printers really hit our plans hard.

* Patreon Exclusive Chapbook
Finally, the exclusive signed Limited Edition chapbook written by a New York Times bestselling “guest author” that shipped to my Patreon supporters last month was written by… Joe Hill! This special Limited Edition chapbook of “You Are Released” is perfect bound, housed in a linen envelope, and features François Vaillancourt’s full-color artwork and cover design. This chapbook was not available to order. Here are some photos:

A lot more news is coming soon! Thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm!



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  1. All looks terrific but that chapbook is AMAZING!!

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