LetterPress Publications is now Lividian Publications

I’m really happy to share some news that has been in the works for a while now:

We’re changing our name from LetterPress Publications to Lividian Publications. Our new website address is Lividian.com and my new email address is brian@lividian.com — although the old addresses will continue to work for a while.

The press logo remains the same, so the SPINES of all the current and past books will match on the shelf, and this doesn’t change anything about the projects we’ve announced.

Right before the announcement of Revival by Stephen King, we changed direction as a company to focus on publishing beautiful special editions that were also as affordable as possible. There are a number of terrific publishers specializing in letterpress printed books, and we felt it was important to try to do something different.

Nothing else will be changing in terms of how we’re doing things, just our name, but we wanted to get this announced before the 20th Century Ghosts review copies ship since they do have the new press name on them. Speaking of those review copies, they turned out beautifully. Here’s a photo I took this weekend:

More news to come soon! Thank you again for all of your support and enthusiasm!



5 thoughts on “LetterPress Publications is now Lividian Publications

  1. Beautiful advanced copy of 20th century ghosts! Love your work!

  2. My goodness how do I get in on the ARCs? That’s an amazing looking one for 20th Century Ghosts!

  3. Love the cover! Is that coming with the grab bag from CD?

    1. Thank you! And nope, this isn’t going into any Grab Bags from anyone, sorry!

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