May 2021 Updates From Lividian Publications

The Night Country by Stewart O’Nan is now done at the printer, and the slipcases for the Limited Edition are moving along nicely. Earlier this month we approved the “approval slipcase,” which is a blank version of the slipcase that is made to confirm the sizing is correct.

Right now, it looks like the slipcases should be completed in July. The books ran a few weeks late, and the slipcase maker is still behind schedule due to pandemic related issues, but they’re working hard to catch up. As always, no prepayment was necessary for this title, and the “Your Lividian Publications Preorder Is Ready For Payment!” email won’t go out until the slipcases are completed.

As I mentioned in a previous update, we’re upgrading the board weight we use for our slipcases, starting with this title. To give you an idea of the difference, here is a photo of The Night Country slipcase in between the Revival slipcase and the 20th Century Ghosts slipcase:

More news to come! Thank you, as always, for your continuing support!



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