November 2021 Updates for Lividian Publications

A few people asked, so just a reminder: don’t forget to check out our Other Publishers’ In-Stock Books section for some great collectible books that are ready to ship right away!

Lots of updates this month, so we’ll get right to the news:

* The approval slipcase for the Limited Edition Heart-Shaped Box arrived and looks terrific, so now the slipcase maker can get all of the materials ordered and start on the full run. As you can see, these will be just a bit taller than the case for 20th Century Ghosts because of the heavier boards we’re now using on all of our slipcases:

* The printer’s proof for the Lettered Edition of Heart-Shaped Box just landed on my desk, and we’re looking it over carefully now, but so far, so good. I love this paper stock we use for these Lettered Editions. And the boutique printer’s color work is just terrific. Here are a few photos of what I’m looking at:

* Speaking of Heart-Shaped Box, I decided to try something a little fun and different for the review copies. We designed the back cover as the “off brand auction listing” that gets the novel rolling. We took the text from the book and pieced it together, and added one of Francois’s illustrations as the product image. Here are photos of the front and back:

Also, one more fun fact about this review copy:

Because the artwork for the Limited Edition is printed on separate, glossy stock and tipped into the book, normally that would mean there would be no artwork in the review copies. But… I really wanted to include the artwork! So, we used the interior file for the Lettered Edition for printing the review copies. Why does that matter? Well, the Lettered Editions are printed in four colors on a different press, so we use a totally different design file that has the artwork inserted into the book design at the proper place.  (These review copies are B&W for the interior, though, because color printing ARCs is insanely expensive.)

* In other news, the approval slipcase for The Chill arrived and I really like the new material we picked for this one. We played around with the window location a bit during the design process, as you can see from the test copy of the dust jacket, which we wrapped around the dummy book:

* The shipment of the trade paperback and trade hardcover of Walking With Ghosts for my Patreon supporters is going out the door next week:

* Finally, the batch of slightly resized slipcases for the US hardcover editions of Later by Stephen King is on track to be done around the end of the year. If you missed out on preordering a slipcase, definitely jump on the Waiting List on the product page if you’re interested because there will be extras!

More news soon! Thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm!



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