November Updates for the Revival Limited Edition and Lettered Edition!

Today I have updates on the Limited Edition and the Lettered Edition of Revival by Stephen King!

Update on the Limited Edition:
My rep at the printer for the Limited Edition of Revival snapped a few photos of a finished binding for the book, which really show the depth of the stamping on this lush material, so I wanted to share those with you. Next up, these bindings go on the actual book blocks. We’re in the home stretch!

Update on the Lettered Edition:
For those who missed the earlier update, the Revival Lettered Edition will be handled by a different printer and binder than the Limited Edition, which makes this extremely unique when compared to the 300+ projects I’ve managed at Cemetery Dance over the years.

I’m very pleased to report the printer for all of the materials for the Lettered Edition has completed his work, and the sample copies of everything turned out beautifully.

All of that material has now been delivered to the binder, who reports that he has begun tipping in the foldouts and gathering the signatures into book blocks. After the book blocks are complete, he will ship them to a specialist for the edge gilding.

That’s the news for now, but I’ll share more updates as I have them! Thank you again for all of your support!



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