Seven Shades of Evil by Robert McCammon: Table of Contents!

Seven Shades of Evil: Stories from Matthew Corbett’s World will be published by Lividian Publications in October 2023, and the book contains stories set in the world of Matthew Corbett and featuring various characters from the previous novels. This is the penultimate volume in the Matthew Corbett series, and the perfect table setter for the final adventure of the multifaceted character USA Network has called “the Early American James Bond.”

Here is the official table of contents:

The Four Lamplighters (features Matthew and Hudson)
Night Ride (features Matthew)
The House at the Edge of the World (features Hudson)
The Scorpion’s Eye (features Minx)
Skeleton Crew (features Katherine)
The Pale Pipesmoker (features Katherine and Minx)
Wandering Mary (features Matthew)
Incident on The Lady Barbara (features Berry)

Lividian Publications will be publishing a trade hardcover edition featuring Vincent Chong full-color artwork for the dust jacket. This edition will be printed in a very limited First Edition/First Printing offset run. Copies sold via Amazon and other big booksellers will be printed in batches via print-on-demand due to the ongoing paper shortage facing smaller trade publishers.

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