Update on the slipcase for LATER by Stephen King!

Hey Folks!

I’ve discovered that there are two potential problems with some of the slipcases for Later, so I’ve hit pause on shipping them. If you have a “Your Preorder Is Ready For Payment” email in your inbox, you can just ignore it for now. I’ll ping you again when everything is sorted out.

One problem is a production flaw with how my case maker glued the covering material inside some of the cases. They didn’t get the flaps quite flat, and this really tightened up the top and bottom of the case, making it difficult for the book to fit. Cases that don’t have this issue fit just fine for most books, but not for all of the books because there’s also a second unexpected problem.

That second problem is this: there were apparently two very slightly different sized boards used on some of the Later books. It’s such a small difference that the collector who first told me about it didn’t realize there was any difference until he physically measured his books. If you have one of the books with the slightly larger boards, and you get a slipcase that is on the slightly smaller end of the run, the book won’t fit in the case.

This is, obviously, not good.

So, here’s my plan to get these cases right for our collectors:

First, I’m sending all of my remaining cases back to my case maker for a full inspection. Once the cases are back in my hands, I’ll start filling orders again.

For any collector who finds that the case they receive just won’t fit their book, we’re working on a second batch of slightly larger cases. This second batch should also be ideal for those of you who use a Brodart style protective cover. Please just get in touch with me at brian@lividian.com and let me know if your case didn’t fit, or if you’re just not comfortable with the fit, and I’ll put you on the contact list for when the resized cases are completed, so I can swap out your bad case for a good one.

Thank you for your patience!



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