Very Important 20th Century Ghosts Update!

For those who preordered the Limited Edition of 20th Century Ghosts directly through, I have an important update:

The books and slipcases are on schedule to be completed the week of Christmas, so preorders should begin shipping the following week if all goes well.

IF you preordered this edition directly from us, on December 16 you will receive an automated email from the store with this subject line:

Your Lividian Publications Preorder Is Ready For Payment!

The beginning of the email will look something like this:

This email will include a personalized payment link (see the red arrow above), which you can click on to be taken to the website and pay for your preorder to complete your order. The sooner you complete your order, the higher you should be in the shipping queue.

Unfortunately, I cannot send this invoice early to anyone without sending it early to everyone, so you’ll have to watch for the email on December 16.

To be clear: your book won’t ship as soon as you pay because I’m not expecting them until the last week of the year, but since we do not charge ahead of time for preorders, I need to start processing orders on December 16 if we’re going to be ready to ship as soon as the books arrive.

Any orders not paid for when shipping begins may be cancelled and the copies sold to the Waiting List, so it’s very important you contact me if you haven’t received the “Your Lividian Publications Preorder Is Ready For Payment!” email by the end of the day on December 16.

More news to come! Thank you, as always, for your continuing support!



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