Welcome to 2020 at LetterPress Publications!

Although all of the US retailers were shipped their Revival orders by Christmas, the holidays are a notoriously tough shipping time for small operations. Some of them are still processing their orders and preparing their shipments, etc. If you have any questions about your order, please email the store you ordered from. I’m certain they’d be happy to help you out!

I’ve also received a lot of questions about what LetterPress Publications has planned for this year, and although I’m not ready to announce anything for preorder, I can say for certain there are two projects in the works:

* a Revival Artwork Portfolio to be announced and produced in the first half of the year. If you’ve seen the Cemetery Dance Artwork Portfolio for Sleeping Beauties, this will be pretty similar with just a few design tweaks because that project was my test run for this one! Everything is just about ready to roll into production on this one, but I’m waiting to make the official announcement until after more of the retailers have shipped their copies of Revival to their customers.

* a new signed Limited Edition by a New York Times bestselling author, the first of several projects with this author. This book is already in production — the artwork is done, the interior is designed, etc — but I want to wait until everything is 100% ready for the printer before announcing the preorder window. Both editions of this book will be published in the fall.

I also have two other projects in the works, one of which might land in the second half of this year, but we’ll have to see how things go.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported LetterPress Publications!



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