New Patreon Chapbook! What’s In a Name by Bev Vincent: the stories behind some of Stephen King’s original titles! Featuring full color artwork by François Vaillancourt!

Twice a year I publish an exclusive chapbook just for my Patreon supporters. These are never offered for retail sale because they’re a special reward for those readers and collectors who have supported my work via Patreon. As an example, the most recent exclusive chapbook was “You Are Released” by Joe Hill.

Today, I’m extremely pleased to announce the next Patreon exclusive chapbook is…

“What’s In a Name?” by Bev Vincent is an intriguing essay about the Stephen King titles that might have been. To make this chapbook really special, François Vaillancourt has contributed cover artwork and a dozen full-color interiors depicting what these Stephen King books could have looked like if King had used the original titles.

Here’s just one example:

(Can you guess what book this could have been? It’s actually kind of a trick question because King tried to use this title twice, according to Bev’s research!)

This chapbook is the result of my fascination with Stephen King’s “working titles” — the title given to a book or story while it’s being written — and how King’s titles have occasionally changed by the time the project is announced… and even one title that changed after the official announcement.

Bev Vincent is one of my “go to” experts for all things Stephen King, and this insightful essay includes a ton of interesting facts. Which title was changed because a family member refused to say the original title? Which one was changed because the publisher said they didn’t know how they could sell a book with that title? Bev explains everything we know about these Stephen King titles that could have been.

Then François Vaillancourt fired up his powerful imagination and created his version of each book’s cover with the original title. He even kept some of the design details era-specific in terms of what book covers looked like at the time the book would have been published.

Bev Vincent and François Vaillancourt have both signed the signature sheets for this chapbook, which is limited to 400 numbered copies.

For those who are curious, here are some of the original Stephen King titles that Bev Vincent discusses:

Getting It On
Second Coming
The Shine
Roland Draws Three
Night Moves
The Napkins
The Annie Wilkes Edition
Gypsy Pie
In the Path of the Eclipse
What Tricks Your Eye
Unnatural Acts of Human Intercourse
The Crawling Shadow
The Suicide Prince
and more!

Please note: The chapbook printer is running behind schedule for the first time in all the years I’ve worked with him, but that’s pretty much the case for everyone in printing these days. It’s hard to get some of the paper stocks you need, etc. But still, he’s expecting to deliver the finished chapbooks to me by the end of June, so I can ship them very early in July.

More news soon! Thanks again for your continuing support and enthusiasm!



15 thoughts on “New Patreon Chapbook! What’s In a Name by Bev Vincent: the stories behind some of Stephen King’s original titles! Featuring full color artwork by François Vaillancourt!

  1. love it, would love a copy.

  2. Great idea, and since I’ve also been a long time CD Club member, I was ready to “click a link” to preorder a copy of this chapbook.
    I’m also on the Lividian email list, just not a Patreon. I would love a copy as well. . .

    1. I also was looking for a link to order, I’d love to get a copy of this one!!

    2. I want one!! Still trying to find a link to click to pre-order.

  3. Yes! Can’t wait.

  4. What a fun read this would be, would love a copy.

  5. Bev has been my “go to” since the VERY early days of alt.books.Stephen-King and any thing he writes about Stevo I take as gospel truth. I would LOVE a copy. What do I need to do please Rich???

  6. I want one!!!

  7. In October 1994, I was 15 and went to the Joe Bob Briggs Drive-In Movie Awards in Dallas, Texas where Stephen King was the guest of honor. While everyone was inside watching the latest King movie release (“Firestarter”), I waited outside to try to meet him and see if he’d sign a couple books for me. He drove himself up in a small hatchback. I was sitting on the curb and recognized him immediately when he got out. Not only did he sign my books, but spent about 45 minutes just speaking with me about lots of different things. I asked him if his next book was a fantasy called, “The Napkins.” He told me that book was coming out, but he had to change the title because everyone kept asking him, “Sanitary or table?” when he told them the title. He said it would be called “Eyes of the Dragon.” It’s one of the best memories of my life. The most famous author in the world spent 45 minutes just chatting with a 15 year old high school kid. What an awesome individual.

  8. That sounds interesting !

  9. i also would love to order a copy. how much and how to order? kathy

  10. Always interesting! I would love to get one.

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