Why Lividian Publications Promotes Our Retailers

Hi Folks!

I get asked this a lot, so I thought I would take a moment to answer the question for anyone who might be curious:

Why do you promote other retailers in your announcements? I’ve never seen another publisher do this…

I’m truly happy whether you order from me or you order from Bad Moon Books or Camelot Books or Cemetery Dance Publications or Dark Regions or SST Publications in the UK or Subterranean Press or Veryfinebooks.

I believe the small press is stronger and healthier when our retailers are stronger and healthier. In the short term, perhaps it costs me some direct sales if someone clicks on one of those links and discovers a new retailer to order from, but having these retailers around for years to come is good for all small presses.

When one of these retailers closes their doors, that doesn’t mean all of their customers just migrate to another retailer or to the individual small presses. There will always be attrition. Casual collectors who bought from the retailer, but who aren’t fully committed to the hobby as a way of life, may not go searching for other options. They’ll just drift away. So, if promoting these retailers helps them in even a small way, it really is good for everyone.

Here is the list of the retailers who are preselling The Night Country. I hope you’ll consider ordering from at least one of them:

Bad Moon Books
Camelot Books
Cemetery Dance Publications
Dark Regions
SST Publications (UK Store!)
Subterranean Press

Stay tuned for more news and updates. Thank you again for all of your support!



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