General Production Updates from Lividian Publications! (October 2023)

I’ve heard from a handful of customers who preordered the trade hardcover of Seven Shades of Evil by Robert McCammon, but never received any of the notices from the system that it was time to pay for the order. If that happened to you, you can place a new order on the Seven Shades of Evil product page. Please also email me at so I can put your account ID on the support ticket for this problem, in case it helps them figure out what went wrong. My apologies for any confusion and the inconvenience!

Other Production and Shipping Updates:
* The signed editions of Seven Shades of Evil are in the final stages at the printer, which means it’s almost time for our slipcase and clamshell case maker to get to work. (They need finished books to get the sizing just right.) If all goes well, these signed editions will ship in late February or early March. There is currently a Wait List for the Limited Edition and Lettered Edition.

* Orders for the Lettered Edition of Where They Wait by Scott Carson will be packed this weekend to ship out on Monday and Tuesday of next week. We’re starting to assign numbers to orders for the Limited Edition, which will begin shipping in November. It will take at least a week to ship all of the orders, so please be patient. You will receive a shipping notification email when we generate the shipping labels because we have to process them all together, but it may be 7 to 10 days after that before your actual package gets handed off to UPS or the USPS, so do not panic if the tracking number does nothing for a while. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

* After Where They Wait has shipped, we’ll be announcing our first special edition with a hugely popular New York Times bestselling author. Although I’ve published this author in an anthology once before, this is my first time working with him on a Limited Edition. (Fun fact: he once taught high school English in the town where I now live and we attended the same college, although decades apart.) This will be our first Limited Edition with a “reversible” dust jacket featuring two different (but similar) pieces of artwork. The Limited Edition will ship in November and the Lettered Edition will ship around the end of the year if all goes well.

* Our first Limited Edition with one of the most popular horror authors of the last few years was sent to the printer in October and will be published in the first quarter of 2024.

* The next Joe Hill book is being proofread now and the signature sheets have been signed by everyone who is signing. Both the Limited Edition and Lettered Edition will be published in 2024. We’re really thrilled with the special bonus material Joe has provided for this one.

* We just signed an agreement to publish a first novel that we’re extremely happy to be working on. This author is one of the most exciting young voices in the genre, and we cannot wait to share this book with the world. This will be an opportunity for collectors to grab an early Limited Edition by an author before a big New York publisher sees what’s happening and signs him up for a big, big trade deal.

* More Catriona Ward special editions are in the works.

* More Bentley Little special editions are in the works.

* Generally speaking, we have 20 different projects currently under contract.

2023 Trade Paperback Releases:
The Border was published on July 25.
The King of Shadows was published on September 19.
The Listener will be published on December 12.



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