Important Shipping Update for THE STORE

Our deluxe signed, numbered, and slipcased Limited Edition hardcover of The Store by Bentley Little has started shipping. Please note: we might print your paperwork (label and packing slip) a few days before we can actually pack your book due to how we have to handle the numbering and organizing of the books. Don’t panic if your label prints on Saturday but doesn’t show any tracking on Monday or Tuesday, etc. It will take us through next week to pack and ship all of the orders, but we are moving as quickly as we can. If you have ANY questions or concerns, please reach out to me:

Our copies are sold out, but don’t forget that our books are also carried by some of our favorite small presses and retailers:

Bad Moon Books
Camelot Books
Cemetery Dance Publications
Dark Regions
Gerald Winters and Son
Kathmandu Books
Overlook Connection
SST Publications (UK Store!)
Subterranean Press


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