January 2022 Updates for Lividian Publications

Please Note: I need to make some room for the books and cases headed our way this spring, so I’m currently selling my very last copies of two different Patreon exclusive books. The first is the Walking with Ghosts signed and illustrated Limited Edition hardcover, featuring 60 pieces of Glenn Chadbourne artwork. These are PCs. The other is the Deluxe Lettered Edition Hardcover of Patreon Stories: Volume Two, which features a leather binding, marbled endpapers and case lining, and a snazzy clamshell case that was essentially our test run for how we produce some of our Lettered Editions now. These are real letters. Click on the titles to read more or place your order while supplies last!

Now, onto the news:

* The first two finished books for the Limited Edition of Heart-Shaped Box arrived and look great, and the rest are due to be completed in February. I’m pleased to report the binding, hot foil stamping, and “blind” heat burnishing turned out great. Here is a quick photo I took in less than ideal lighting:

The slipcases ran into a spot of trouble, but luckily they weren’t so far into production for this to be a major problem. Apparently, the dummy book was not the correct bulk size (which is always the fear with a dummy book), because when the approval slipcase arrived and I tested it with the first finished books, this is what I saw:

Luckily, thanks to some of those delays with materials we’ve all been hearing about, it was just a matter of recutting the sizing dies for creating the boards for the slipcase, and within a few days I had a new sample slipcase that fits like a glove:

The slipcases are still tentatively due to be completed sometime in March, which would mean an April ship date, but I’ll let you know if this changes. (Please note: I will send the “Your Preorder is Ready for Payment” emails a few weeks before shipping begins, so the orders can all get processed by the time the books and packing materials are here and we’re ready to ship! I will post a note on the News page when that email is sent, so you can check your spam if you don’t see it.)

* For the Heart-Shaped Box Lettered Edition, the last of the materials finally reached our hand-binder. I will be contacting the 20th Century Ghosts Lettered Edition customers about matching their letter, etc, in the next month or so.

* The Chill books are now completed, and the slipcases are due before spring. I posted some photos of the book last month, which you can see here.

* The Chill Lettered Edition is due to arrive in just a few weeks, and I will have a few copies available. Anyone who is interested in joining the Waiting List should email me at brian@lividian.com with the subject line “THE CHILL Lettered Waiting List.” (Purchasing The Chill Lettered Edition will get you first shot at the next Non-Hill Lettered Edition) Here are a few photos in the meantime:

* As mentioned last month, there is an UNANNOUNCED signed Limited Edition that is at just about the same stage of production as The Chill. I had planned on announcing this one in January, but because we have a big announcement planned for the first week of February, I’ve decided to wait a little while longer. That’ll also let us get closer to the ship date before accepting orders, which is always my goal when possible.

* The exclusive signed Limited Edition chapbook written by a New York Times bestselling “guest author” shipped to my Patreon supporters last week, and if you’ve been in the Fans of Lividian Publications Facebook group, you know who it is now. But because many of the copies are still in transit and I know there are collectors who are purposely trying to avoid hearing more until their copy arrives, I’ll wait for next month to post more details.

* The batch of resized slipcases for the US hardcover editions of Later by Stephen King arrived earlier this month, and I’m now selling the extras on a first come, first served basis:

A lot more news is coming soon! Thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm!



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