New Trade Paperback! THE RIVER OF SOULS by Robert McCammon!

For those of you who have missed out on Robert McCammon’s incredible Matthew Corbett series, this is definitely the year to catch up!

Other publishers have published the first two books, Speaks the Nightbird (Trade PaperbackeBookAudiobook) and The Queen of Bedlam (Trade PaperbackeBookAudiobook), and now we’re publishing the World’s First trade paperback editions of Mister Slaughter, The Providence Rider, The River of Souls, Freedom of the Mask, and Cardinal Black… leading up to our publication of the World’s First trade hardcover edition of The King of Shadows on December 6, 2022! (Buy all five of our trade paperbacks in a special bundle that is shipping NOW and features one book signed by Robert McCammon!)

There has never been a better year to enter the world and times of Matthew Corbett!

The River of Souls by Robert McCammon
First Time Ever In Trade Paperback!

Accompanied by his new friend Magnus Muldoon, professional problem-solver Matthew Corbett is in the Carolina colony, where three enslaved people—one of them accused of killing the daughter of a plantation owner—have managed to flee their captors.

Troubled by certain discrepancies and determined to see some sort of justice done, Matthew embarks on a treacherous journey up the Solstice River, also known as the River of Souls. He discovers that something born of the swamp has joined the hunt… and is stalking the hunters with more than murder in mind.

What follows is a shattering ordeal encompassing snakes, alligators, exiled savages, mythical beasts, and ordinary human treachery. The journey up the River of Souls will test the limits of Matthew’s endurance and lead him through a nightmarish passage to a confrontation with his past and a moment that will alter his life forever.

Gripping, unsettling, and richly atmospheric, The River of Souls is a masterful historical adventure featuring the continuing exploits of a young hero the USA Network has called “the Early American James Bond.”

Reviews and Praise:
“McCammon nicely evokes America’s colonial past and deftly straddles the boundary between the explicable and the supernatural.”
Publishers Weekly

“The Corbett novels are rich, atmospheric stories, the kind of historical mystery that makes the reader feel as though he really has stepped back in time.”

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Read more about The King of Shadows, the eighth installment in the Matthew Corbett series, which will be published on December 6, 2022, by clicking on the cover:


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