Even though both editions of Revival by Stephen King were obviously sold out pre-publication, I’m such a sucker for review copies that I had to have a few made anyway. Here’s a quick photo of them: I only printed 25 of these, and they’ll be going out next week to VIPs and(Continue Reading)
Our rep at the printer for the Limited Edition of Revival by Stephen King overnighted me a full set of the finished but untrimmed signatures to check out, and I thought you might like to see how the innards of the book are coming along. My quick photos don’t do the artwork(Continue Reading)
The Limited Edition and Lettered Edition of Revival are headed to the printer this week, but last weekend I had an idea for adding another piece of artwork to each edition, and François Vaillancourt was somehow able to squeeze them into his busy schedule… So, yep, there’s going to be more artwork! I(Continue Reading)
Revival by Stephen King is still moving along nicely. The signature sheets have just arrived back from Francois Vaillancourt in Canada, who signed after Vincent Chong in the UK, so the international part of the signing process should be done! Bev Vincent is ready to sign next, and Josh Boone will sign after him. The other day, Francois posted a photo(Continue Reading)
Revival by Stephen King is moving along nicely through production. The signature sheets are across the pond with Vincent Chong at the moment. (Vincent Chong, Francois Vaillancourt, Bev Vincent, and Josh Boone are all signing BOTH editions.) Also, as you might recall from last month, after speaking with Francois, we’ve decided to include an “original artwork page”(Continue Reading)
Hi Folks! After adding up all of the orders from the retailers for the signed & slipcased Limited Edition of Revival by Stephen King, I’m very pleased to report the official print run for this edition will be: 1,500 copies! Support for this project has been terrific and very positive, and I look forward(Continue Reading)
The final day to order REVIVAL: THE DELUXE SPECIAL EDITION has arrived! Tomorrow, I’ll add up all the orders, put that number in the proper place on the signature sheet design, and then start printing the sheets, so next week they can start their journey around the world for signing! I’ll post(Continue Reading)
Director and screenwriter Josh Boone has been extremely busy in the Stephen King Universe, with both a ten-hour limited series of The Stand at CBS All Access and a feature film adaptation of Revival in the works. I was thrilled he was willing to write an introduction for our special edition, and I was especially moved when I(Continue Reading)
I just wanted to post a little reminder that in ONE WEEK the print run for the signed & slipcased Limited Edition of Revival: The Deluxe Special Edition will officially be set, and I’ll begin printing the signature sheets to start their journey around the world. I’ve heard from many collectors over the years(Continue Reading)
The second piece of artwork I received from François Vaillancourt for Revival: The Deluxe Special Edition depicted Skytop. (Click on the image for the a larger version of the illustration.) Please consider ordering your copy of Revival through one of these retailers: Bad Moon Books • Betts Bookstore • Camelot Books • Cemetery Dance Publications • Dark Regions • Gerald Winters and Son • The Overlook Connection Bookstore • PS Publishing (UK &(Continue Reading)
Thank you to everyone who made the official launch day of LetterPress Publications such an extraordinary day! We even got a story on Entertainment Weekly’s website, which is very cool. As some of you know, there’s actually been a few other small projects with the LPP logo on the spine(Continue Reading)
I’m very pleased to announce the first official book from LetterPress Publications will be Revival: The Deluxe Special Edition by Stephen King, but I’m offering this title for sale a little differently than you might normally expect from a new publisher. As my way of saying THANK YOU to all the indie(Continue Reading)
Welcome to the LetterPress Publications website! By the time you read this, it’ll be a big, busy day for us since we’ll be launching LetterPress Publications and announcing our first project, Revival: The Deluxe Special Edition by Stephen King! I hope you’ll take a moment to bookmark our site and sign-up for our mailing list or(Continue Reading)