The second piece of artwork I received from François Vaillancourt for Revival: The Deluxe Special Edition depicted Skytop. (Click on the image for the a larger version of the illustration.) Please consider ordering your copy of Revival through one of these retailers: Bad Moon Books • Betts Bookstore • Camelot Books • Cemetery Dance Publications • Dark Regions • Gerald Winters and Son • The Overlook Connection Bookstore • PS Publishing (UK &(Continue Reading)
Thank you to everyone who made the official launch day of LetterPress Publications such an extraordinary day! We even got a story on Entertainment Weekly’s website, which is very cool. As some of you know, there’s actually been a few other small projects with the LPP logo on the spine(Continue Reading)
I’m very pleased to announce the first official book from LetterPress Publications will be Revival: The Deluxe Special Edition by Stephen King, but I’m offering this title for sale a little differently than you might normally expect from a new publisher. As my way of saying THANK YOU to all the indie(Continue Reading)
Welcome to the LetterPress Publications website! By the time you read this, it’ll be a big, busy day for us since we’ll be launching LetterPress Publications and announcing our first project, Revival: The Deluxe Special Edition by Stephen King! I hope you’ll take a moment to bookmark our site and sign-up for our mailing list or(Continue Reading)